Study at UFPR: International Virtual Mobility Program Destination Brazil


In the framework of the Destination Brazil Programa, UFPR offers four online courses to disseminate the Brazilian culture, science, language, and education. The courses will take place from July to August, accounting for a total of six consecutive weeks, according to the details below:

Biodiversity and ecological processes of the Atlantic Forest ecosystems in southern Brazil

This course will address biodiversity patterns of the Atlantic Forest in South Brazil, comprising classes on the different terrestrial vegetation formations, freshwaters, and marine coastal areas. The course will explore the ecological process explaining biodiversity and the main threats to ecosystem conservation. To that end, a link between theories and patterns will be drawn, using the available knowledge on ecosystem functioning. Students will learn about the variety of ecosystems from the most preserved stretch of the Atlantic Forest, one of the hotspots for biodiversity conservation in the world. The impact of human activities will be highlighted, as well as the nature-based solutions for achieving environmental sustainability.

July 9th – August 27th, 2021
Language: English
Number of participants: 50
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Freire’s contemporary pedagogy for the XXI century education

The course focuses on the principles of the Brazilian educator and thinker Paulo Freire applied to the XXI century education and classroom. The main objective is to discuss and reflect on Freire´s educational legacy, mainly his contemporary philosophy. To do so, the activities proposed aim at promoting reflection and dialogue among the participants — mostly teachers, educators and teacher educators — from diverse areas of knowledge, cultural and educational contexts. The interactions will be synchronous and asynchronous, and will be based on some publications in which he revisited a few of his theoretical positionings. Participants will have the opportunity to better understand some of the main Freirean’s concepts, such as palavra-mundo, banking education and pedagogical praxis, and relate them to their educational contexts.

July 19th – August 27th, 2021
Language: English
Number of participants: 40
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Global Health

The Global Health (GH) course brings together professionals to discuss different scenarios, expressing their opinions regarding the impact of our modern way of life on the health of all systems: rural & local communities, urban centers, wildlife areas, and sea life. GH is planned to be a collaborative and cross-disciplinary course that will stir up discussions and debates (i.e. climate change & animal diseases, national policies & conflicts, local & world actions). Students will take part in have creative lectures and take-home activities, proposing new alternatives for critical global/Brazilian issues. This will be an excellent opportunity to engage in high-level discussions and activities related to some of the major global problems facing us today.

July 23th – August 28th, 2021
Language: English
Number of participants: 20
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Portugais brésilien pour les francophones – niveau de base

Il s’agit d’un cours de portugais au niveau débutant pour les étudiants francophones (ou ceux qui maîtrisent suffisamment bien le français pour suivre des explications données dans cette langue). Le cours aura le format hybride, avec des cours hebdomadaires synchrones de 1h30 (sur Google Meet) et également des activités asynchrones sur la plateforme Moodle, conçues spécialement par l’équipe PLE/CELIN/UFPR pour des cours à distance. Dans ce premier niveau, nous exploiterons des sujets tels que la présentation personnelle, les rapports de la vie quotidienne, la demande d’informations et la description des lieux. Une unité de découverte présentera certains aspects du Brésil, y compris ses unités fédératives et  la ville de Curitiba, où se trouve l’Université Fédérale du Paraná (UFPR).

16 Juillet – 20 Août, 2021
Language: French
Number of participants: 30
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Study at UFPR: International Virtual Mobility Program Destination Brazil

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