BOLSAS: Japan Ministry of Education Scholarship


A full scholarship opportunity for Brazilian student’s seeking Master’s or Doctoral courses at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan.
At this time,Shibaura Institute of Technology offers a Japan Ministry of Education Scholarship to one(1) Master’s or Doctoral course student.
With this opportunity, the Brazilian student can get a scholarship that covers all living expenses and tuition for the whole program.
Scholarship Benefits:
1) Stipend: Scholarship recipients will be provided a monthly stipend of about 140,000 JPY (Approx. 1,200 USD/month)
2) Travel Costs: Transportation to Japan and Transportation from Japan will be covered.
3) Tuition and fees for the program: all will be exempted.
Requirements are as follows:
1) GPA score above 2.30 on a 3.00 scale
   *In the past 2 academic years.
2) Sufficient English or Japanese Language skill to conduct research.(CEFR B2 level or higher level is required.)
3) The student has completed or will complete a Bachelor or Master’s program before our program begins.(September 2018)
4) The degree program the student will participate is either a Master’s (2 year) or Doctoral (3 year) Program
   *Before 4) starts, the student can join a non-degree program (research student) for 1 semester and then, enroll in the the degree program.
For the admission process, there are two types to apply:
a) Starting the degree program from September 2019
   -this case requires him/her to fly to Japan to have an entrance exam before summer in 2019
b) Being enrolled as a research student first for the first 6 months, then, starting the degree program in April 2020
   -in this case, the student can start it without having an entrance exam at Japan but the total length of stay in Japan will be 6 months longer.
1) February 3rd – Please select one student at your end and submit the application materials, including the written in the checklist attached. (Done by your university)
2) Middle of February – Student selection and Laboratory matching to decide one scholarship receipient. (Done by SIT)
3) End of February – (For the successful candidate selected by SIT), Application preparation for the Japanese Ministry of Edcuation (Done by SIT and the applicant)
4) End of June – The result will be announced byt he Japanese Ministry of Education.
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